“Haunted” Issue: Now Accepting Submissions

“To live is to be haunted.” – Philip K. Dick

“To be haunted is to glimpse a truth that might best be hidden.” – James Herbert

All photos by Stephanie Stein Photography

Hello, our dedicated readers! It’s your tried and true editor of Monachopsis KiKi here to let you in on our theme for the month of October, “Haunted.”  In case you missed our last post, we’ve updated our format in order to accommodate our paltry budget since we unfortunately didn’t make our fundraising goal.  So, instead of continuing with a quarterly print fashion magazine, we will now be releasing print issues bi-annually in the months of March and September.  As a way to make our content more accessible and frequent, we’ve opted to post online monthly magazines via our website that are centered around a specific theme. These digital issues will be a mix of reader-submitted content as well as subject matter created by the Monachopsis team, all centered around the magazine’s core values.  Pretty neat, eh?

I’m feeling bold enough to say with certain truth that we live in very haunting times. This sentiment can be translated in a variety of ways, whether looking at the influx of horror in movies and TV, or the lived horrors that the world is experiencing in 2017.

For starters, a movie about a kid-killing clown named Pennywise garnered nearly $500 million at the box office, making it the high-grossing horror movie of all time. Not only that, but the Internet has co-opted Pennywise as both a gay icon in a potentially monogamous relationship with the Babadook AND as the most fuckable creature on the planet (I’m certainly not here to kink shame if a murderous spirit personified as a clown is #yourthing, FYI. You do you.)  I love social media, especially Twitter.

In real-life horror stories, however, the orange-faced clown that currently sits in the White House and his filthy minions in Congress are working to strip marginalized groups of their already very few rights and protections, a running list so far including proposed DACA repeal, the latest attempt at ACA repeal via the Cassidy-Graham bill, the transgender military ban, the vote to advance HR620–all while North Korea is in talks about blowing us to oblivion with their nuclear technology. Hurricanes Irma and now Maria have obliterated Puerto Rico, Guadelupe, Dominica, and the Virgin Islands, and Mexico was hit with two major earthquakes only a few weeks apart. Flooding in South Asia has killed more than 1,000 people. I’ve barely scratched the surface with this list and could fill up an entire textbook with all of the shit happening in the world right now–it’s all absolutely terrifying.

For this issue, we want you to explore the concept of “Haunted,” whatever that may mean to you, and to translate this theme in your work using the medium of your choice.

Maybe you need to escape as a means of self-care via a pretty fashion editorial or shopping guide.  Maybe you need a written platform to fully express your feelings on these or other issues. Maybe you want to write or post a creative project as a means of coping with the sorry state of affairs that society is facing at this time. Maybe you’re just super duper excited for October and Fall and Halloween and Stephanie’s birthday (October 22, FYI, she likes super sparkly things) and all of the rad and super spooky things that come with these celebrations like costumes, candy, and scary movies.  All of this is totally okay and is indicative of what we’re looking for with our publication, because we are all magically complex humans.

Here are some examples of some work we’d be interested to see, although don’t feel confined to these subjects by any means.

  • Themes of fear, regret, hesitation, courage, apprehension, doubt, curiosity, power, horror, duality, spirituality, sabotage, and existentialism
  • Essays in response to the real-life horrors facing the world
  • Interpretations of ghosts, monsters, fairies, goblins, sorcery, vampires, dark forces, and other appropriate subjects using photographic techniques
  • Editorials featuring goth-inspired or alternative fashion
  • Recommendations for scary movies, playlists, and reading lists
  • Fashion editorials featuring autumnal color palettes, such as rich red tones, oranges, and yellows
  • Personal experiences of supernatural instances
  • Op-eds about how villains are created and represented in both pop culture and works of fiction
  • A comprehensive piece on the history of emo, punk, and goth music, specifically regarding roots in black and queer culture
  • Addressing the misconceptions and tropes of witchcraft or magick
  • Interviews with icons or creators in the goth or horror subsets
  • Addressing exclusion or tokenism of marginalized groups in the horror genre
  • Halloween tutorials, like low-budget costume ideas or innovative cocktail recipes
  • An overview of the roots of All Hallows’ Eve
  • Reflecting on decisions you wish you’d gone through with, things you would have said, or mistakes that you’ve made that continue to “haunt” you
  • Coverage of relevant events

Here are some other topics we’d be interested in featuring that aren’t affiliated with this month’s theme:

  • Commentary on fashion month S/S 2018
  • Personal essays from Latinx-American residents from countries that recognize Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15)
  • People who identify as bisexual who want to write about their experiences/celebrations/life in honor of Bisexual Awareness Week (ends on Sept. 24, but the conversations can still continue)

As a reminder, we refuse to publish graphic images or language including but not limited to pornography, promotion of illegal activities, or hate speech as well as any depictions of self-harm or other forms of gratuitous violence.  The deadline for all submissions is October 25, and all submissions can be sent to us at monachopsismag@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Stay spooky, y’all.


Kristen Milford