The following photo series “A Moment of Lingering,” was submitted by Taylor Czerwinski. Below, she discusses her inspiration for the themes of self-love and identity present in her work.

Black and white photography specifically captivates me due to the sense of timelessness and crisp tonality. My favorite method of capturing portraits, it picks up the presented emotion undistracted by suggested colors often associated with moods, such as the themes of self-love and identity permeating this series.


“A Moment of Lingering”
 – Taylor Czerwinski
Models – Devin Frazier, Kiona Ward, Casey Childs

In love, we tend to hold on for as long as we can to make sure there isn’t anything else we could have done to change matters. This series specifically suggests the former in that sometimes, we don’t even realize what’s toxic for us until we have seen the other side. And for some, it can be difficult to be on our own again.

I personally love the two images of Casey (the model, above) in front of the Old City Jail. (If you look closely you can actually see what appears to be a ghost standing behind the bars to the right.) The image suggests that she’s free but still lingering in a place of captivity. She’s holding herself. She could seem insecure, but her gaze suggests anything but strength.
In relation to love, one could relate these ideas to the point in life where there is transition. For better or worse, there is a sense of holding on when moving forward.


Contributor Details: Taylor is a photographer and artist based in Charleston, South Carolina. She is Executive Director of 9 to 5 Magazine, an in-print magazine spotlighting local musicians.