Rosie Harper Beauty Look Visor
© 2017 Rosie Harper – Give Me Space
Charleston-based photographer & makeup artist Rosie Harper has created a galactic-inspired beauty editorial, “Give Me Space,” exclusively for Monachopsis. Read more about her inspiration for this look below.

Makeup has seen such a creative push in recent years, especially with the advent of social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. For the first time ever, people are wearing makeup because it’s fun to experiment, as opposed to previous years when makeup was used as a means of physical enhancement or keeping up with the latest trends.

For this editorial, I wanted to strike a balance between then and now by taking retro-inspired looks and giving them an upgrade with glossy textures and a very ‘Millennial,’ outer space-inspired color palette.
Rosie Harper Beauty Editorial Plastic Sleeve
© 2017 Rosie Harper

Photography & Makeup – Rosie Harper
Wig – Uniwigs

NOTE: All makeup looks were created using professional materials. Alternative makeup brand suggestions are available upon request.

Rosie Harper Space Beauty Image
© Rosie Harper 2017
This feature is published as part of the December 2017 Space Issue.
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