Launched in 2017, we are a fashion magazine showcasing creative work by weirdos, for weirdos. Join us as we change the industry one issue at a time.

Model: Chelsea Simone

Model: Chelsea Simone

Our Story

Monachopsis a bi-annual print and online monthly fashion magazine founded in 2017 as a direct response to the fashion industry’s elitist agenda. So, what does that word mean exactly, “monachopsis?” The term comes from the dictionary of obscure sorrows and refers to the “subtle, yet persistent feeling of being out of place.” This term really stuck with us as were were developing our concept, because we realized we wanted to create a platform for ourselves as well as others who don’t necessarily fit the sartorial status quo.

As most people are aware, the fashion industry, especially fashion media, centers around disgusting concepts of exclusivity and luxury, translating to a lifestyle which frequently prioritizes thin, cis-hetero able-bodied wealthy white men and women, leaving anybody who doesn’t fit into those very specific subsets of humanity feeling excluded. As we’ve gotten further involved in the fashion community, we’ve met people from marginalized groups who feel completely exiled by the industry on far deeper levels due to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and other reasons. Now, we can’t claim to know what this lack of representation feels like firsthand, because we see faces that look like us plastered on magazine covers all day, every day. And we won’t even pretend to equate our own middle-class white experiences to those of marginalized groups, because they are not remotely the same.

What we can say is this: The fashion industry is messed up. It’s been this way for a while. The worst part is, the industry doesn’t want to acknowledge its problematic nature! Living under a facade of progressivism, fashion is notorious for tokenism, fetishism, appropriation, patronization, and most aptly, quotas. It’s disgusting. We want to use our position of privilege to eradicate the pillars of mainstream fashion, one issue at a time.

Beyond releasing work that pushes the boundaries of the current fashion landscape, we also operate as an agency where we take on clients for creative projects.  We also work with stockists who carry our magazine for sale. If you are interested in a partnership, please visit our advertising page.


Meet the Staff

Kristen Milford

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

Stephanie Stein

Contributing Photographer

Rosie Harper

Contributing Photographer




Mission Statement

Monachopsis aims to lift up marginalized voices by giving creators a place to showcase their work. We want to create a space where we can shamelessly talk about fashion and beauty while simultaneously addressing core issues that affect our readers’ everyday lives. Most of all, we want to showcase amazing work by weirdos, for weirdos, in an environment where representation and inclusion are priorities and not just marketing buzzwords.


Do contributors get paid?

As of this time, all work is submitted on a TFP (trade-for-publication) basis, and contributors will not receive compensation for their submissions. We’re aiming to change this in the future once we receive more funding.

Are you accepting advertisers?

Yes! We offer advertising as well as creative services and stockist opportunities. Please see our advertiser page for more information.

Are you currently accepting submissions?

Yes! Full information can be found on our submissions page.


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